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The Synergy Between our Services

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Here at Reboot, we offer a unique combination of therapeutic services all housed under the same roof. While the majority of the space in our spas are dedicated to private rooms with state of the art sensory deprivation float tanks, we also offer a variety of other services to facilitate health and well-being. In addition to several float pods, each of our locations offers cold plunging, cryotherapy,infrared saunas, T-Shock therapy, and compression garments.

The Benefits of Combining Multiple Services

There are other places to access float tanks, saunas, cold therapy, and other offerings similar to ours in the Bay Area, but we alone offer all of these together in singular locations, with options to combine a variety of services in ways that are more cost-effective, time-efficient, and more synergistic in terms of health benefits, compared to visiting multiple businesses to access these different therapies.


One benefit of being a customer of our 'one-stop-shop' for several different services is that you can purchase packages and memberships that include access to several different services of ours. In some cases, this provides discounts on multiple services that would otherwise be more expensive if purchased individually, whether here or across several different businesses with comparable offerings.

For example, by purchasing a membership for certain services (eg. floating), you'll receive a discount on other services (eg. cryotherapy).

We also offer combined memberships and packages, such as our combined 'Cryo / Fire & Ice' Membership 'Float & Cryo' Membership.

Additionally, our stand-alone infrared sauna service is 50% off for customers who have any membership of ours (even if they aren't sauna related).

Efficiency of Time

With the amount of time it takes for transit (including parking, if driving), checking in, checking out, and all the other bits of time that add up before and after these kinds of services, the ability to book multiple services (either back-to-back or with a short window of time between) offers a more efficient use of your precious time.

Synergy of Health Benefits

While each service has benefits on its own, pairing multiple services together can increase the thereapeutic benefits. For example, moving from cryotherapy and/or the sauna before ending with a float session enhances the overlapping benefits of each of these offerings, including decreasing inflammation, supporting healthy detoxification, and improving sleep and overall mental and physical wellness.

When purchasing these services as a package, you save while also enjoying the benefits of multiple services in one visit, something we call a 'circuit' (though you can save them for different visits, as well).

The following is our most popular Reboot circuit.

Choosing the Right Package Based on Your Needs

We’ve created the packages we offer to give you a chance to use the services that are a priority for you. If you’ve never experienced cryotherapy, sauna, float spa therapy, or T-Shock therapy, this is the perfect introduction to any, or many of them, all under one roof.

View and purchase from our full service and pricing menu here.


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