Sauna & Cold Plunge

What is Fire & Ice?

With Fire & Ice, you'll get a private room with an infrared sauna and a cold plunge for 45 minutes. Get all the benefit from sauna (like detox) and cold therapy (lower inflammation) in one session! The combination will leave you feeling amazing and is a great way to prepare for an extremely deep float.


• Speeding up muscle and injury recovery

• Reducing inflammation

• Supporting a healthy immune system

• Improving lymphatic circulation

• Increasing red blood cell count and growth hormone levels

• Improving levels of endurance and recovery

• Increasing cardiovascular health

• Removing heavy metals

• Improving sleep and reducing stress

• Increasing your resting metabolic rate and more.

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How long should I stay in the plunge?

We recommend counting breaths when plunging and starting with 10 breaths and get out. Just one or two plunges is plenty to get all the benefits.

How many people can book the room?

You can book the room for two people.

Can I do breathwork or hold my breath during the plunge?

Breathwork and breath holds while inside the plunge are strickly prohibited.

Where can I buy a plunge like this? Our founder Michael Garrett created this venture during our COVID shutdown.

How is the water kept clean?

The plunge has ozone and UV filtration, constantly filters with a 5 micron filter and we also use hydrogen peroxide. We drain the plunge regulary as well.

What type of sauna is it?

All of our saunas are far infrared saunas.

What temperature is the plunge?

We keep the cold plunge at 45 degrees.

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