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Reboot Customer Spotlight: Kyree Brown

Kyree Brown is an Oakland native who grew up playing basketball at both Berkeley High and St. Mary's High in Berkeley, before going on to prove himself as a standout player at the college level. Kyree first attended San Francisco City College, then transferring to Seattle University, and finally to the University of New Hampshire.

Kyree visited us recently just few weeks before departing for his debut performance as a pro player.

In 2021, just as Kyree was finishing his college career, entertaining prospects of playing professionally after graduating, he tore his AC joint in his shoulder, putting him on the sidelines for nearly 6 months.

Yet, with resilience, patience, and determination, Kyree didn't call it quits. He worked hard to rehabilitate his injury, visiting several physical therapy and chiropractor clinics, in addition to Reboot. Kyree attributes this miraculous recovery to a combination of services he received elsewhere and at our facility.

With his body back to baseline, Kyree was able to perform at a high level in front of pro league scouts and was eventually offered a contract by professional basketball team Ness Ziona in Israeil's Winner's league.

Kyree attributes his gradual but effective recovery from a potentially career-ending injury to not only the physical health benefits from the services he received as Reboot, but also the mental health and psychological effects he experienced.

In an interview we conducted with him during his compression boots session (coming soon), he shared valuable insights into the psychological aspects of training as a professional recruit, including stress-management, discipline, self-confidence, and positive visualization.

Kyree shared with us how the lessons learned from rehabbing his injury have painted a picture of what preventative medicine looks like, and that holistic restorative practices have great value in staying in peak shape and recovering as a means to prevent serious injury by nipping issues in the bud.

You can follow Kyree's Instagram here.


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