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Ambassador Spotlight: SoulCycle Instructor Nikki Calvert-Andrew

“This is everything I’ve ever wanted.” When you talk with Nikki Calvert-Andrew, you can tell she’s passionate about living an active, healthy life. This SoulCycle instructor, podcast host, and Reboot Ambassador has made a career out of inspiring others to live better. We love having her as a part of the Reboot family, and think you’ll enjoy getting to know her as well.

From East Coast Living to West Coast Thriving

Nikki started out as a musician and actress, playing shows on the east coast and, at that point, enjoying everything the lifestyle had to offer. Soon, though, she began moving physically and emotionally away from that lifestyle and adopted one focused on health, both physically and mentally, and movement.

She moved to the Bay Area in 2013, and was working as a personal trainer when she discovered SoulCycle. That was when she knew that she wanted to become an indoor cycling instructor.

Embracing the Rhythm of Indoor Cycling

Over the next three years, she taught rhythm-based indoor cycling at Equinox and at an independent studio in Oakland. She auditioned for SoulCycle twice before becoming an instructor in March of 2018.

Nikki’s story is one of persistence and goal-setting. She knew she wanted to be a part of the SoulCycle family, and she made it happen. Between the community that the instructors and support staff create at SoulCycle and the community, she’s a passionate believer in how surrounding yourself with the right people can create change in individuals and the community.

Incorporating Recovery into an Active Lifestyle

As a fitness instructor, recovery is key. Nikki first came to Reboot before she was an instructor at SoulCycle, and has continued coming regularly ever since. She enjoys cryotherapy the most given its physical benefits, but floating also helps her feel her best. She shares, “I feel completely renewed and rejuvenated."

As the door closes for each float, Nikki focuses on the peace and relaxation that comes from centering oneself both physically and mentally with no distractions.

When asked about what she loves most about Reboot, Nikki immediately said the people, with the overall vibe and services following close behind. We’re one big extended family, and we appreciate having Nikki as a part of it.

Building a Community Around Self-Improvement

Nikki recently launched The Well-Balanced Fish, a podcast focused on community and self-improvement. “[We’re] building a bridge from self-care to world-care,” she explains. She and her co-host Dr. Arielle Thorpe, a chiropractor and fellow fitness instructor, interview business owners, authors, illustrators, and community leaders to discover how we can all better support each other and the world at large.

They recently had our founder, Michael, on the show, where they discussed the birth of Reboot and how he made the leap to start his own company. Michael shares, “I shared the origin of Reboot and how scary that was, but also how sharing my vision with my community helped me manifest it.” In the episode, Michael explains how he went from first float to a client's life-changing experience thanks to floating.

You can listen to Michael’s episode on iTunes and Spotify, and be sure to subscribe for future episodes.

Our ambassadors are a core part of what make Reboot so great, and we’re grateful for everything Nikki embodies: confidence, genuineness, and a desire to help others live their best, healthiest lives.

Be sure to follow Nikki on Instagram, and book your bike for one of her upcoming classes. And if you’re looking for the same recovery routine as Nikki, give us a call at (415) 800-2011or visit here to book your session at one of our three Bay Area locations.


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