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Ambassador Spotlight: Yoga Teacher Danni Pomplun

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Meet Danni Pomplun, Bay Area yoga teacher and Reboot Float Spa Ambassador.

We’re proud to have a team of passionate, active ambassadors who believe in our mission at Reboot Float Spa.

This month we’re highlighting Danni Pomplun, a Bay Area yoga teacher who is also a podcaster, retreat-creator, and one of our favorite follows on Instagram.

Danni is an incredible resource to the Bay Area yoga community (and beyond), and we want to highlight his work in bringing authentic, functional yoga to the community.

Why Yoga?

“The community hands down. I had never been to a place where I felt so welcomed and not judged,” Danni explains. “I showed up exactly as I was and everyone was okay with it.” In a world where it’s tempting to try to be someone else, Danni found a community where he didn’t need to hide.

He began practicing yoga after a difficult season in life, and later became a yoga teacher.

Danni doesn’t view it as a career so much as a passion, and he’s grateful that yoga plays such a significant role in his life. He also offers 200-hour and 500-hour yoga teacher trainings in the Bay Area to further serve the wellness community.

He embodies a teaching style that offers students the opportunity to understand movements from a functional perspective, compared to the standard vinyasa practice that can easily become routine.

His ethos is, “[that] yoga has the power to change the world — one down dog at a time. Yoga reminds us to stop sweating the small stuff...

This practice gives us a space to be free, to come back to ourselves. I believe yoga should be fun, functional on our bodies, and always, always real.”

Movement of any type is one of the best assets to a wellness routine and that it compliments floating well.

Meet Danni Pomplun, Bay Area yoga teacher and Reboot Float Spa Ambassador.

Integrating Floating into a Wellness Routine

Danni first discovered floating when he lived in Southern California through a friend, and immediately noticed the recovery benefits.

Later, that same friend moved to San Francisco and came into Reboot Float Spa. Once Danni moved to the Bay Area, he began visiting us as well.

“What keeps me coming back is how much it has helped my physical body recover from teaching and practicing. Plus being able to stop and slow down,” Danni explains. And we agree! Floating supports both body and mind, whether you’re a yoga teacher, a recreational runner, or a Pilates lover.

Finding Holistic Wellness Support at Reboot

Danni started his time with us by floating, but soon began enjoying sauna and cryotherapy as well. He’s reluctant to choose his favorite therapy out of all that we offer, and we get it. There’s something for every person and every need! “That's like asking which is your favorite child... I love them all for different reasons,” he jokes.

Each of our therapies offer different benefits. Floating keeps Danni relaxed and physically recovered between teaching commitments, while our sauna supports healthy detoxification as well as relaxation. And cryotherapy may not be relaxing, but it certainly supports healthy muscle recovery and decreased inflammation.

Creating a Peaceful Escape in the Bay Area

The Bay Area is filled with motivated individuals, growing companies, and exciting opportunities, but all of that creates a busy urban atmosphere that needs an escape. Danni’s favorite part of coming into one of our studios is the ability to slow down and focus on his mental and physical needs.

He shares, “We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city that we forget to slow down. It's like we're addicted to the speed!” When we give people time and space to nurture themselves, incredible things can happen.

This is why we’re here. To support our community, whether they’re recovering from an injury, need extra relaxation, or are working on improving their lifestyle.

Danni Pomplun is a passionate member of our ambassador team, and we’re excited to see how he continues to serve the Bay Area yoga community and beyond.

1If this has piqued your interest in floating and how it can be a valuable element in any wellness routine, you can learn more about our floating packages here. You can also talk to one of our team members at (415) 800-2011.


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