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  • + super recovery
    The combination of anti-gravity and epsom salt-rich environment speeds up recovery, compressing what normally takes a long period of time into hours.
  • + improved performance
    Athletes who use visualization techniques during floatation have experienced rapid improvement. In the tank, you can train your central nervous system to produce peak performances.
  • + sore muscles
    Epsom salt helps cure sore muscles and we have 1,000 pounds of it in every pod.

Cryo FAQ

Studies on Cryotherapy

Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Cryotherpay

Tony Robbins on Cryotherapy

First Cryo Walkthrough

We'll have you watch our intro video, answer any questions and sign our online waiver.
intro & waiver
We’ll provide you with a robe and you can undress in the chamber. Under the robe, you’ll be wearing dry socks with slippers, gloves and underwear.
shower prep
Choose your cold level and music of choice.
temp & music
Remove your robe and enter the chamber.
enter chamber
Rotate, relax or even dance a bit. We will make sure you are doing great, but you can get out at any time.
Exit the chamber, put on your robe and warm up with some hot tea.
relax & warm up
Studies on Cryo
First Cryo Walkthrough

Reboot With Us.


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